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Company Registration Service in Malaysia

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Company Registration Service in Malaysia | Bestar
Company Registration Service in Malaysia | Bestar

The demand for Malaysia company registration services continues to grow. We at Bestar understand why Malaysia is attracting so many businesses interested in Malaysia Business Registration, Private Limited Company Registration and opening a company in Malaysia. Bestar is a Malaysian company formation agent registered with SSM that can help you set up a Malaysian company and register a Malaysian company. We would like to share with you our expertise on Malaysia company registration and how to set up a new company in Malaysia. As a leading provider of company registration services in Malaysia, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with a full range of company registration agency services at the most attractive rates, at the best value for money, and help you set up your company in Malaysia or register Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Bestar sets up hundreds of businesses and companies in Malaysia every year. We are truly one stop solution for your business in Malaysia.

Incorporation of a Malaysian Company under the Companies Act 2016

Generally, a new company incorporated as a limited liability company by shares is the most common business vehicle for doing business in Malaysia, which provides limited liability status to its shareholders.

Bestar provides guidance on professional company registration services in Malaysia. Bestar understands that you want to start and register your SDN BHD company in Malaysia today. We are small enough to respond flexibly to all of your Malaysia company registration needs, yet large enough to provide all the services a new company needs. Don’t miss out on important business opportunities due to the red tape of business registration in Malaysia! Trust Bestar to support your fast company start-up and company registration Malaysia with a unique package of services not available anywhere else in Malaysia. Bestar provides the best company registration package in Malaysia.

We strive to maintain our position as Malaysia's leading corporate services provider, widely recognized by authorities, regulators and professional bodies. We offer value-for-money company registration packages in Malaysia.

When setting up a company in Malaysia, it is important that you engage the services of the right team to assist you. Bestar is a leading service provider that will assign a team of qualified professionals including accountants registered with MIA, company secretaries registered with MAISCA, tax agents registered with CTIM and qualified human resources staff to understand your Malaysia company formation needs.

Why Bestar’s Company Incorporation Package is the Best in Malaysia

Incorporating a company in Malaysia has never been easier when you use Bestar’s company incorporation package. Bestar provides clients with the most comprehensive company company services in the market. You can even set up your company electronically, quickly and easily.

We are a leading and experienced corporate services provider capable of supporting both local businesses and foreign investors in setting up their companies in Malaysia in relation to registering a company name in Malaysia.

Set up your Malaysia Company Remotely

No need to meet or contact

Go 100% online with virtual meetings

Try out our Malaysia company formation remotely today. Set up a company online in Malaysia. Simple and fast.

Time is money! Bestar Malaysia understands that you want to start and register a company in Malaysia today. We are small enough to flexibly respond to all your company registration package needs, yet large enough to provide all the Malaysia company formation services a new company needs. Don't miss out on important business opportunities due to red tape! Look for quality company formation services, not just the cheapest company formation packages.

Trust Bestar to support your fast and smooth Malaysia company registration. Check out our company formation or incorporation packages that promise you no hidden fees and tricky strings attached when forming a Malaysia company with a registered office.

When you approach Bestar for a Malaysia business incorporation, you can be assured of a quick and thorough process resulting in a registered company that complies with all existing statutes, laws and regulations. We handle all the Malaysia company SDN BHD registration details so that you can devote your energies to strategic planning, marketing, financing and operations, in other words, all the big picture tasks an entrepreneur needs to consider when starting and opening a Malaysia SDN BHD company. Registering a company in Malaysia has become so easy, everyone can easily register a company in Malaysia with Bestar.

You can get the most comprehensive and cost-effective services at Bestar, and you need not pay more.

Requirements for Setting up a Company in Malaysia

The requirements for incorporation are:

- A minimum paid-up capital of only RM1

- At least one (1) subscriber to subscribe for shares in the company

- At least one director who is at least 18 years old and resides in Malaysia. He/she is not bankrupt and has not been convicted and imprisoned within the past 5 years. If required, Bestar can provide you with local resident nominee director services at an additional charge.

  • At least one company secretary (the company secretary must be a member of any one of the prescribed professional bodies or be licensed by SSM). Bestar can provide you with company secretarial services for a fee.

  • A registered office in Malaysia to which all communications and notices may be sent. In Malaysia, it is common practice to have the secretary's office as the registered office. (This is part of our company secretarial services)

Our company incorporation package allows paid-up share capital from RM1 to RM1,000. If you need a higher share capital, you will need to allot new shares after the company is formed. Note that initial paid-up capital will be considered a cash advance to shareholders by the company. However, it is up to the company to decide how to account for it in your books.

Under the Companies Act 2016, the fine for non-compliance generally ranges from RM50,000.

Bad advice can be painful. An inexperienced agent without sufficient qualifications or knowledge will not be able to give proper advice in accordance with the rules and regulations.

In short, we offer you the most comprehensive company incorporation service in the market. Work with us not only because our mission is to provide you with the 3Es: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Economy, but also of our free company incorporation consultation services even before engaging.

Nominee Director Service

All companies are required to have at least one director whose principal or sole residence is in Malaysia. Through SSM, the public can view details of Malaysian companies including shareholders and directors, date of incorporation, share capital and registered address.

You must meet our initial know-your-customer (KYC) requirements to start a business.

Please note that if you are a citizen or have ties to or were born in a country on the US sanctions list, we will not be able to act as your company nominee director. Learn more: Sanctions Programs and Country Information. If we discover that you are on a US sanctions list and have not disclosed to us, your security deposit will be forfeited and the company will be closed upon discovery.

All companies are required to have at least one director with principal or sole residence in Malaysia.

Through SSM, the public can view details of Malaysian companies including shareholders and directors, date of incorporation, share capital and registered address.

The responsibilities of all directors are quite onerous, including nominee directors. If foreign clients cannot be contacted, the nominee director must pay the company liquidation costs. Our nominee director services are provided by our reputable and trustworthy personnel. In order to protect the interests of nominee directors, we require to keep a security deposit with us as long as our nominee director service is active.

If you do not have a local Malaysian resident director who meets the requirements of the Malaysian company law, you can use our nominee director service.

Our nominee director services are economical in fee, yet guaranteed high quality service is one of the best deals on the market.

Malaysia Company Registration Service Package

We provide economical company formation services in Malaysia, not cheap company formation services. We believe in quality company formation services, not just cheap company formation packages or cheapest company formation services.

We apply transparent fees for Malaysia company formation because we believe that with our quality services for Malaysia company registration, you will definitely stay with us after registering your Malaysia company.

​Offer (subject to 6% service tax)

​Company incorporation service package


-​ company secretarial service (RM960 per annum)


​- registered office address (RM288 per annum)


​Nominee director service

​RM4,800 per annum. Refundable security deposit RM4,800

Bestar can help you register your new company in Malaysia at RM1,300 and provide free company secretarial services for one year. The best and fastest company registration service in Malaysia that promises to open a company in Malaysia without any hidden fees and tricky strings attached.

At Bestar, we are currently offering nominee director services for new company registration at RM4,800 per year.

In addition to the service fee of RM4,800, we will also need to collect a refundable security deposit of RM4,800 for our nominee director services. The security deposit will be refunded upon termination of our nominee director services.

Bestar's standard Malaysia company incorporation service package includes all of the following items:-

  • Free annual company secretarial service for one year (RM960 per annum)

  • Provision of a registered office address (RM288 per annum)

  • Unlimited search for availability of proposed names for companies to be registered in Malaysia

  • Name reservation by registering with SSM

  • Letter of approval to use company name

  • Registration fee of RM1,000 payable to SSM

  • Submission of the form to SSM for company registration

  • Preparation of first board of directors meeting resolutions

  • Preparation of resolution to open a corporate bank account (RM150 per bank, first bank account is free)

  • Preparation of 2 sets of certified copies of company registration documents - Certified true copy of company documents RM30 per set

  • Free Certificate of Incorporation

  • Free company registration consultation and advisory services

  • Free tax planning and SST advice

  • Free company digital name tags for display at the registered office

  • Free for first 3 directors, shareholders and beneficial owners (from the fourth person onwards, there will be an additional charge of RM100 per person or entity)

  • For company setup with corporate shareholders/corporate beneficial owners, there is an additional charge of RM100 per entity

Free company secretarial services for the first year include the following:-

  • Company Secretary by our qualified professional (Malaysian)

  • Proper keeping of the company seal (if any)

  • Maintaining meeting minutes and register

  • Advising on statutory secretarial/accounting/tax/SST compliance matters

  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, in particular under the Companies Act and the Income Tax Act. Regular compliance alerts via email.

  • Free monitoring of submission deadlines

Registered office address includes:

  • Free letter scanning service on request

  • Free daily letter/package notifications via email

  • Self-collection of mail and packages from Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

  • Receipts of regular mail, air mail, parcels (under 3 kg) or registered mail

  • Daily/weekly/monthly mail forwarding/courier arrangement to local/overseas addresses are available (RM 1 service charge per forwarding)

Non-routine company secretarial services (i.e. share transfers, any changes in company information, directors/shareholders details, etc.) will be charged separately. Please refer to Company Secretarial Services for details.

Adoption of Constitution is optional under Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016). If you are interested in adopting our standard Constitution for your company, our fee is RM424 (W/SST) which includes printing cost (RM200). Customization requires an additional fee.

For companies without Constitution, some banks require a confirmation letter from the company secretary that it does not have a Constitution, and our fee for issuing such a letter of confirmation is RM106 (W/SST). Please check with your preferred bank directly for this account opening requirement as different banks have different requirements In Malaysia.

Additional RM106 (W/SST) for a company seal (optional) (the law no longer requires companies to have a common seal).

Additional RM53 (W/SST) for a rubber stamp (optional).

Choosing the right partner to take care of your business is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.

We can also help you apply for a work permit so that your company can hire foreign talent when needed, and support you in payroll services. Once your business is up and running, our qualified accountants and tax agents are there to give you free advice.

When you engage Bestar, you will be able to enjoy free monitoring of submission deadlines assisted by our Compliance Officer via email. Our dedicated Compliance Team personally follows up and assists you with all compliance matters, right up to the filing of your annual return.

Why can we provide you Malaysia company registration services at this price?

  • Our mission is to deliver the three E's: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economics, all as part of our one-stop solution services to our clients.

  • Bestar uses latest technology and customized secretarial and CRM software to registered Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

  • We strongly believe that you deserve quality support from the very start of your business, the first step in getting to know us. We are honored to have your support.

Malaysia company registration has never been easier! The most economical and best in Malaysia!

Information Required for Malaysia Company Registration

To register a company, the following information must be submitted to us by completing the company registration form, and you can email the registration form to

  • Proposed company name and its meaning

  • The main business activities of the proposed company

  • Photocopies of ID cards or passports of all directors and shareholders

  • All directors’ latest resumes and proof of residential address, such as utility bills (if different from NRIC)

  • Paid-up capital information

  • Occupations, emails and contact numbers of all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners

  • Shareholding percentage of each shareholder

  • If the beneficial owner is not listed as a named shareholder, please provide us with his/her information.

If you would like to update the address of your principal place of business (i.e. where your business operations are/will be) with SSM, please provide us with proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement issued within the last 2 months, tenancy agreement, quit rent assessment notice. (if any).

  • The source and origin of the funds used/to be used in the business (e.g. employment/business/investment income from Malaysia)

  • Expected location of customers and suppliers of Malaysia company

  • For trusts - Copy of trust deed containing trust name and administrative address, copy of ID/passport, proof of residential address, contact information and resumes of settlors, trustees, beneficiaries, protectors), investment manager, etc.

There is a statutory requirement to have at least one resident director to set up a private limited company in Malaysia. Apart from local Malaysians permanently residing in Malaysia, any foreigner who is a Resident Talent Pass (RPT)/Permanent Resident (PR)/MM2H holder is also eligible to be considered as a resident director of a registered Malaysian business. If you do not have these, you may consider subscribing to our Nominee Director service.

If the shareholder is a corporate entity, please provide a copy of the corporate shareholder’s Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association/Constitution, Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent (click Certificate of Incumbency to download a sample), and proof of registered address, chart/structure of the company, corporate representative’s details as well as written documents such as board resolutions showing subscription of shares, shareholding percentage in the Singapore company, appointment of any representative as a director of the Singapore company, appointment of legal representative and authorization of corporate shareholders to directors (if any) and corporate representative, etc. . If the shareholder of the corporate shareholder is also a corporation, please provide a similar set of registration documents as mentioned above. This requirement is necessary for all corporate shareholders until the ultimate individual shareholder is determined.

A politically exposed person is an individual who is entrusted with any important public function in Malaysia or a foreign country, or an individual who is entrusted with any important public function by an international organization, including an immediate family member or close associate of that person.

Steps to Incorporate

  1. Complete the Registration Form and email it to us at

  2. Email us the payment slips for our professional company formation fees

  3. After payment is received, we will perform a company name search to check the availability of suggested names and get back to you within 24 hours (see Choosing your Company Name)

  4. The company name will be reserved at your request

  5. Once the name is approved by SSM, we will prepare the full set of registration documents

  6. All directors, shareholders and beneficial owners sign documents via Google Meet video call

  7. After signing, we will proceed to incorporate the company with SSM

  8. SSM sends registration notice

Once the company is incorporated, we will email all relevant documents to you for your records.

For each industry, there are specific industry regulations issued by relevant government departments. These include prior regulatory approvals, licenses or permits that would impose higher paid-in capital requirements and other requirements. It is recommended that you check the licensing requirements before registering your company: Business licenses in Malaysia.

According to Bestar’s past experience in registering Malaysian companies with SSM, the entire Malaysian company incorporation process takes 5-7 days. Having said that, Bestar’s track record is to register a Malaysian company within 1 working day from the date the directors and shareholders sign the Malaysian company incorporation documents at the Bestar Office.

Connect with Us

We welcome you to form company in Malaysia. If you are near us and would like to discuss any aspect of our Malaysia company registration services, please feel free to visit our office during our business hours for Malaysia business registration. We recommend that you book your proposed visit well in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays when registering your company in Malaysia.

If you are in Singapore or Hong Kong, you can visit our Singapore office or Hong Kong office to discuss company registration in Malaysia and sign any documents required for company registration in Malaysia. Our team in Singapore and Hong Kong will be more than happy to assist you on how to register a new company in Malaysia and register a company name in Malaysia.

If you have any questions about company registration in Malaysia, please Please feel free to contact us for more information and we will reply promptly within 24 hours.

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