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Form CP22A Termination of Service

Form CP22A Termination of Service | Bestar
Form CP22A Termination of Service | Bestar

Form CP22A Termination Of Service

Form CP22A: Termination of Service (Malaysia)

What is Form CP22A?

Form CP22A is used by employers in Malaysia to notify the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) of an employee's cessation of employment in the private sector. This notification is required for purposes of tax clearance.

Who needs to submit Form CP22A?

The employer is responsible for submitting Form CP22A.

When to submit Form CP22A?

The form must be submitted to the IRB at least 30 days before the employee's last day of employment. There are some exceptions, such as if the employee is subject to the Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) scheme and the employer has already made the necessary deductions.

How to submit Form CP22A?

As of January 1, 2024, Form CP22A must be submitted electronically through the MyTax portal using the e-SPC application. Previously, it could also be submitted manually at a local IRB office.


How Bestar can Help

Here's what Bestar might be able to help with Form CP22A submission in Malaysia:

Ways Bestar could help:

  • Form completion assistance: Bestar assists in filling out Form CP22A electronically on the MyTax portal. This involves helping you navigate the e-SPC application and ensuring the information is entered correctly.

  • Deadline reminders: Bestar could set reminders to ensure the form is submitted at least 30 days before the employee's last day.

  • General guidance: Bestar provides general information on the Form CP22A submission process, including the required documents and any exceptions that might apply.

Contact Bestar: This is the best way to get specific details on the services they offer related to Form CP22A. They might have a website or social media presence with contact information, or you can find their contact details through a search engine.

Look for information on Bestar's services: Bestar has a website or brochures that outline the services we provide for businesses in Malaysia. This might give you a general idea of our offerings and they include assistance with Form CP22A.

Contact Bestar to inquire about our services related to Form CP22A submission.

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