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Cloud Payroll Software in Malaysia

Supercharge your payroll and Grow your business in Malaysia

Save time with our built-in Malaysia payroll calculator and focus on client relationships .

How can Bestar Payroll help your business?


Manage all of your employees effectively with a high level overview of every client’s data and activity in the system.

Automate payroll

Pay runs, PCB (monthly tax deductions) calculations, and report distribution can be set up to run automatically, delivering compliant payroll on time each month.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Your employees can apply for leave, claims, and view payslips on our Employee portal or via our mobile app: WorkZone.

40% decrease in costs

50% decrease in time spent on monthly payroll

90% decrease in payroll errors

Save time with Bestar Payroll

Reduce time spent on payroll to service more clients

Connect with us

Contact us. Partner up with Bestar today!

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