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What is the cost of website design?

What is the cost of website design?

The cost of website design in Malaysia can vary greatly depending on several factors, but it typically falls within the range of RM1,500 to RM10,000+. Here's a breakdown of the key factors that influence the cost:

  • Website complexity: A simple website with a basic design and limited functionality will naturally cost less than a complex website with custom features, animations, and interactive elements.

  • Customization: A website built from scratch with a unique design will cost more than one built using a pre-designed template.

  • Features and functionalities: Adding features like e-commerce functionality, contact forms, or booking systems will increase the cost.

  • Designer experience: Hiring a more experienced designer with a proven track record will likely cost more than working with a freelancer or a new agency.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Domain name and web hosting: These are separate costs from website design and typically range from RM40 to RM200 per year for a domain name and RM200 to RM1,000+ per year for web hosting.

  • Content creation: If you need help creating content for your website, such as text, images, or videos, you'll need to factor in the additional cost.

  • Maintenance and updates: Websites require ongoing maintenance and updates, which can also add to the overall cost.

It's important to get quotes from several different web design companies or freelancers before making a decision. Be sure to clearly communicate your needs and budget to get the most accurate estimates.

How Bestar can Help

Bestar offer various website design services, including:

  • Consultation: Discussing your website goals, target audience, and desired functionalities.

  • Design and development: Creating the website's visual elements, layout, and functionalities.

  • Content creation: Writing text, creating images, and developing videos for your website.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages.

  • Maintenance and support: Providing ongoing support and updates for your website.

Contact Bestar to inquire about our specific website design services and pricing. We offer different packages or customized quotes based on your project requirements.

Our fee for website design in Malaysia typically ranges from RM1,500 to RM10,000+, depending on various factors like website complexity, features, and designer experience.

To manage a website, we typically charge between RM50 to RM80 per hour,

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