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Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa

A Spouse Visa Malaysia, also known as a Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP), is a visa issued to foreign spouses of Malaysian citizens allowing them to stay in Malaysia for an extended period. It is important to note that this visa grants permission to work in Malaysia.


  • You must be legally married to a Malaysian citizen.

  • Your marriage must have been registered and subsisting for at least six months.

Documents Required:

  • Completed Form IMM.12 (2 sets)

  • Completed Form IMM.55

  • Completed Form IMM.38 (if applicable)

  • Original and copy of your passport (all pages)

  • Original and copy of your marriage certificate

  • Original and copy of your spouse's Malaysian identity card

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of yourself

  • A statutory declaration from both you and your spouse confirming the marriage is still valid

  • Security bond form stamped with RM10.00 fee

  • Proof of your spouse's financial income (e.g., salary slips, bank statements)

  • Birth certificates of any children (if applicable)

Application Process:

  1. Gather all required documents.

  2. Schedule an appointment with the nearest Malaysian Immigration Department office.

  3. Submit your application and supporting documents.

  4. Pay the processing fee.

  5. Attend an interview (if required).

Processing Time:

The processing time for a Spouse Visa Malaysia can vary depending on individual circumstances, but it typically takes between 4 to 8 weeks.


The LTSVP is initially valid for one year and can be renewed annually for a maximum of five years. After five years, you may be eligible to apply for permanent resident status.

Working in Malaysia:

The LTSVP allows you to work in Malaysia. You do not need to apply for a work permit from the Immigration Department after obtaining the LTSVP. 

Additional Information:

  • You can find more information about the Spouse Visa Malaysia on the website of the Malaysian Immigration Department.

  • It is advisable to consult with an immigration consultant to ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements and submit a complete application.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • The requirements and process for obtaining a Spouse Visa Malaysia may change, so it is important to check with the latest information from the Malaysian Immigration Department.

  • You may need to translate certain documents into Bahasa Malaysia, the official language of Malaysia.

  • It is important to be honest and accurate in your application, as any false information could lead to your application being rejected.

How Bestar can Help

Some general ways Bestar could help with obtaining a Spouse Visa Malaysia:

1. Guidance and Expertise:

  • Understanding the process: Bestar can help you navigate the complex application process, ensuring you understand the required documents, eligibility criteria, and application procedures.

  • Completing the application: We can assist in completing the application forms accurately and ensuring all necessary documents are gathered and presented correctly.

  • Addressing complexities: We can provide guidance on specific situations or potential challenges you might face, such as if your marriage is less than six months old or if you have a complex immigration history.

2. Streamlining the Process:

  • Appointment scheduling: Bestar may help schedule appointments with the Immigration Department and ensure you attend required meetings or interviews prepared.

  • Communication and follow-up: We can communicate with the Immigration Department on your behalf, following up on the application status and addressing any inquiries or issues that arise.

3. Additional Support:

  • Translation services: If necessary, Bestar might assist with translating documents into Bahasa Malaysia.

  • Legal advice: We may offer legal advice to ensure your application adheres to legal requirements and maximizes your chances of success.

Overall, using Bestar can provide valuable support and potentially expedite the Spouse Visa Malaysia application process by offering guidance, streamlining procedures, and addressing potential complexities.

Contact Bestar today!

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