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Long Term Social Visit Pass

Long Term Social Visit Pass

A Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSV) is a type of visa that allows foreign nationals to stay in Malaysia for a period of not less than six months and up to five years. It is most commonly issued to the spouses and family members of Malaysian citizens or Malaysian permanent residents, as well as to foreigners who need to undergo medical treatment in Malaysia.

Here are some key things to know about the Long Term Social Visit Pass:

  • Eligibility:

  • Spouses of Malaysian citizens

  • Parents/parents-in-law of Employment Pass holders (must be over 18 years old)

  • Children (over 18 years old) of Employment Pass holders

  • Legally adopted children (over 18 years old) of Employment Pass holders

  • Foreigners undergoing medical treatment in Malaysia (with supporting documentation)

  • Validity: Minimum of six months, maximum of five years

  • Extensions: Can be renewed subject to eligibility and fulfillment of certain conditions

  • Restrictions: Cannot be used for employment or business activities

Requirements for applying for a Long Term Social Visit Pass:

  • A valid passport with at least six months remaining validity

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs

  • Completed application forms (Forms IMM.47, IMM.55, and IMM.38)

  • Supporting documents depending on your eligibility (e.g., marriage certificate, birth certificate, medical documentation)

  • Security bond of RM10

How to apply:

Applications for the Long Term Social Visit Pass can be made online through the Immigration Department of Malaysia's (IMI) MyIMMS portal or in person at any IMI office.

Additional information:

  • For more information on the Long Term Social Visit Pass, please visit the IMI website.

  • You can also contact the IMI through their helpline or email.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • The processing time for a Long Term Social Visit Pass application can take several weeks.

  • The fees for applying for and renewing a Long Term Social Visit Pass can vary.

  • It is important to ensure that you meet all of the eligibility requirements and that you submit all of the required documentation before applying.

How Bestar can Help

Some general information on how Bestar could help with obtaining a Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSV) in Malaysia:

Understanding Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Bestar can help you understand the eligibility criteria for the LTSV based on your individual circumstances. We can advise you on the specific documents and supporting evidence required for your application.

Gathering and Preparing Documentation:

  • The application process for the LTSV involves submitting various documents. Bestar can assist you in gathering and preparing these documents, ensuring they are complete and meet the Immigration Department's requirements.

Formalities and Application Process:

  • We can guide you through the application process, including filling out the necessary forms and submitting them online or in person at the Immigration Department.

Liaison and Communication:

  • Bestar can act as a liaison between you and the Immigration Department, handling communication and inquiries on your behalf. This can be helpful if you have questions or need clarification during the application process.

Additional Services:

  • Bestar offers additional assistance such as:

  • Reviewing your application for completeness and accuracy before submission.

  • Providing advice on potential challenges or delays in the application process.

  • Offering translation services if necessary.

Contact Bestar directly to inquire about our specific services related to LTSV applications and our fees.

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