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Family Office Services

As the head of the business family, you may be experiencing increasing challenges in the journey of value creation and wealth preservation amidst the ever-expanding business landscape. Have a dedicated advisor to help you and your family maintain the success of your business empire ensuring your legacy is passed down from generation to generation.

At Bestar, we are committed to building lasting and trusting relationships with you - whether through discussions of complex family problems, wealth conservation strategies or face-to-face discussions on family business succession planning.

We strive to understand your situation, your aspirations and those of your loved ones to ensure a sustainable future for your business.

Our team can assist you in planning and setting up a family office to serve you and your family and tailor the service to your needs. The legal structure of a family office can be in the form of a company where staff are employed to provide the type of concierge services for families. Professionals with various fields of expertise are involved in serving families.

Wealth succession advisory

As the wealth owners of the first generation begin to retire, we witness a massive transfer of wealth to the next generation. Bestar's advisor can assist you in planning your family's wealth and business through the use of local and / or foreign private wealth vehicles such as trusts and foundations, to reduce the risk of declining family wealth through breaking of control, erosion of business value due to internal rivalry, matrimonial claims, overspending, debt and taxes.

Family dynamics advisory

Preserving family harmony is very important in the success of wealth succession plans. Our advisors can help you draft a family constitution that documents family values ​​that will be passed down from generation to generation. When the values, rules and aspirations of the family are coordinated and adhered to, unity can be achieved and wealth succession plans can be implemented smoothly for future generations.

Tax advisory

It is important to consider the tax implications when planning a wealth succession. Bestar's comprehensive range of tax advisory services, from private company tax planning to cross-border estate tax planning can help you and your family ensure that your tax obligations are met in an optimal manner.

Philanthropy advisory

Leaving a generous legacy is a meaningful long-term initiative for your family to contribute back to society. Our team is ready to assist you in creating a charitable structure such as trust or foundation. Whether onshore or offshore legal structure, we can advise you to choose the right tax efficient structure, including tax-free status application if available.

If you would like to know more, please contact Bestar.

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