Applying Business Licence in Malaysia

Updated: May 2

It is very important to get a business license because it will clarify your reputation as a trader (online or offline) after registration.

Obtaining a valid business license is important to start a business in Malaysia. This includes licensing, registration, permits and approvals. Business licenses can be applied from the licensing authority Pihak Berkuasa Melesen (PBM) related to the location and business activities.

Before a company can legally start a business, it must comply with some form of licensing. This can be a general license, an industry / sector-specific license, or an activity-specific license. Business licenses are regulated by law and are governed by various government agencies, statutory bodies and local authorities. Business licenses include registrations, approvals, licenses, and permits. Compliance requirements vary by industry, business activity, and location.

Business licenses can be divided into three different logical groups:

1. General licenses

2. Industry sector-specific licenses

3. Activity-specific licenses

1. General Licenses

General licenses include required and applicable licenses when investors decide to start a business in Malaysia.

List of general licenses that apply to all businesses include:

  1. Company registration

  2. Income tax registration for companies and employees

  3. Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

  4. Social Security Organisation (SOCSO)

  5. Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

  6. Business Premise Licenses and Signboard Licenses

Malaysian companies are required to apply for business premise licenses and signboard licenses from their state authorities.

2. Industry / Sector-Specific Licenses

A special industry / sector license is a license for a particular industry or sector set by the government. This includes the policies that govern the development of a particular industry or sector in accordance with the development of government policy.

Examples of Industrial / Sector Special License are:

- Licenses related to the Manufacturing Sector

- Licenses and Permission related to the Distributive Trade

Foreign participation (foreign equity 51% or more) in the Malaysian distribution trade sector, including wholesalers, retailers, franchisors, direct sellers, suppliers selling goods to the domestic market, commission agents or other representatives including international trading companies need to be licensed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

- Licenses related to the Telecommunication Sector

- Licenses related to the Broadcasting Sector

- Licenses related to the Oil Exploration Sector

- Licenses related to the Construction Sector

- Licenses related to the Banking Sector

- License under Department BLESS, Ministry Of Entrepreneur Development (MED)

The BLESS system is a one-stop online service or online service center (BLESS portal) for information and application for licenses / permits / permission (BLESS applications) related to business in Malaysia.

- License under the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH)

- License under the National Water Services Commission (SPAN)

3. Activity - Specific Licenses

An activity-specific license is a license that regulates a particular activity and may apply to one or more industries. The license requires investors to follow a set of specific guidelines designed to protect the interests of citizens, employment, employee safety, the environment and the public interest.

Here are examples of an activity-specific license:

  1. Certificate of fitness for certificated machinery

  2. Approval for expatriate posts

  3. Approval to install / resite / alter air pollution control equipment (bag filter and chimney)

  4. Building plan approval

  5. Sales tax

The above information is a general guide for potential investors and business owners to make the first steps, decisions, and plans for their business.

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Example of Trade, Business and Industrial Licences

Snooker Centre Licence

Billard Saloon Licence

Video Machine Saloon Licence

Music Hall Licence

Family Entertainment / Bowling Centre Licence

Disco Licence

Cinema Licence

Used Car Display Licence

Storing Old / Used Things Licence

Sawmill Licence

Furniture Factory Licence

Plastic Factory Licence

Fish Fertiliser Factory Licence

Electrical / Electronic Factory Licence

Iron / Metal Factory Licence

Washing Powder / Detergent Factory Licence

Livestock Feed Factory Licence

Zinc / Chloride Producing Factory Licence

Agricultural Fertiliser Factory Licence

Chemical Factory Licence

Sewing Factory Licence

Fibreglass Products Factory Licence

Cement / Stone Products Factory Licence

Rubber Products Factory Licence

Coal / Charcoal Processing Factory Licence

Biodiesel Factory Licence

Animal / Fish Fertiliser Manufacturing / Processing Licence

Children Toys Factory Licence

Rattan Factory Licence

Battery Factory Licence

Spare Parts / Accessories Factory Licence

Fish / Prawns Freezing Factory Licence

Aluminium / Glass Factory Licence

Carpet / Fabric Product Factory Licence

Cosmetic / Toiletries Factory Licence

Rope (Ship) Factory Licence

Coal / Attap Processing / Manufacture Licence

Workshop Licence

Engineering Workshop Licence

Boat Display Licence

Boat Engine Repair Licence

Boat Making Licence

Selling Boat Engine Licence

Unloading Cargo at Ship Licence

Heavy Vehicle Display (Open Space) Licence

Roller-Skates Court Licence

Mini Car Track Licence

Ironsmith Licence

Tinker Licence

Glass / Aluminium Maker Licence

Carpenter Licence

Electrician / Pipe Maker Licence

Car / Lorry / Bus Repair Licence

Motorcycle Repair Licence

Air-Conditioner / Electric Repair Licence

Exhaust Repair Licence

Car Air-Conditioner Installation / Repair Licence

Welding Licence

Electrical / Electronic Equipment Repair Licence

Cushion Repair Licence

Advertisement / Sign Board Maker Licence

Servicing and Supplying Fire Extinguisher Licence

Vehicle Electronic Shop Licence

Selling / Installing Spare Parts & Accessories Licence

Battery / Vehicle Wiring Shop Licence

Car Painting Licence

Bricks-Maker Licence

Printing Licence

Rubber Storage Licence

Construction Materials Storage Licence

Fertiliser Storage Licence

Latex / Copra Storage Licence

Stone / Clay Products Storage Licence

Food / Drinks Storage Warehouse Licence

Quarry Licence

Batik / Fabric Processing (Dyeing / Printing) Licence

Cigar Making / Tobacco Storage Licence

Prayer Items Making Licence

Prayer Items Selling Licence

Electronic Items Processing Licence

Shoe Repair Licence

Repairing and Selling Machine / Equipment Licence

Repairing Machine / Heavy Vehicle Licence

Skid Tank Storage Licence

Dangerous Oil Storage Licence

Electrical Shop Licence

Nursery / Potted Plants Shop Licence

Goods Distributor Licence

Cosmetic Items Selling Licence

Furniture Shop Licence

Sewing Items Licence

Bicycle Shop Licence

New Cars Display Licence

Kindergarten (Business Building) Licence

Service Station Licence

Pet Shop Licence

Pesticide Shop Licence

Plastic Ware Selling Licence

Rubber Shop Licence

Glass Cutting / Framing Shop Licence

Hardware Shop Licence

Tyre Shop Licence

Aquarium Shop Licence

Construction Material Selling Licence

Goldsmith Shop Licence

House Furnishing Selling Licence

Livestock Feed / Medicines Licence

Motorcycle Display Licence

Paints Storage Licence

Tobacco Produce Selling / Storage Licence

Warehouse Licence

Nursery Licence

Rubber Smoking House Licence

Chemical / Fertilise Shop Licence

Bicycle Storage / Selling Licence

Pet Food Licence

Music / Dancing School Licence

Private School Licence

Physical Exercise Centre Licence

Tailor Licence

Laundrette / Dry Cleaning Shop Licence

General Business Licence

Carpet / Fabric Products Selling Licence

Carpet / Fabric Products Storage Licence

Cement Storage Licence

Cement Selling Licence

Hardware Storage Licence

Fabric / Linen Selling / Wholesaling Licence

Fabic / Linen Storage Licence

Cement Products Storage Licence

Prawn Breeding (Wholesale / Selling) Licence

Horse Paddock Licence

Charcoal / Coal Selling / Wholesale Licence

Charcoal / Coal Storage Licence

Gas Storage Licence

Electric Cable Workshop Licence

Fibreglass Display Licence

Heavy Vehicles Storage (Open Area) Licence

Heavy Vehicles Storage (In Building) Licence

Aluminium / Glass Products Storage Licence

Wood / Rattan / Bamboo Products Storage Licence

Silver Wholesale / Sale / Goldsmith Licence

Gold Wholesale / Sale / Goldsmith Licence

Selling / Wholesaling Animal / Fish Fertiliser Licence

Glue Processing Licence

Cosmetic / Toiletries Selling / Wholsaling Licence

Coal / Attap Storage Licence

Refrigerator Repair Licence

Lorry Body Making Licence

Cyber / Cyber Cafe Centre Licence

Swiflets Nest Industry Licence

Selling Three / Four Numers / TOTO Ticket Licence

Coffin Shop Licence

Example of Controlling and Monitoring Food Premise Licences

Beer House Licence

Dining Hall Licence

Pub / Bar / Lounge Licence

Toddy Shop Licence

Liquor Wholesale / Storing / Selling Licence

Private Abattoir Licence

Cooking Oil Factory Licence

Chicken Processing Factory Licence

Vermicelli Factory Licence

Soy Sauce Factory Licence

Sauces Factory Licence

Ice Factory Licence

Flour Factory Licence

Palm Cooking Oil Factory Licence

Sea Produce Factory Licence

Spices Factory Licence

Rice Processing / Factory Licence

Private Stall Licence

Beer Warehouse / Distributor Licence

Selling (Retail) Liquor Licence

Flour Mill Licence

Sea Produce Storage / Selling Licence

Chicken Slaughter / Processing Licence

Breeding Cow / Ox / Horse Licence

Cocoa / Palm Storage Licence

Coffee Processing Licence

Bean Curd Processing Licence

Ice-Cream Making / Distributing Licence

Salted Fish Making Licence

Food and Drink Distributor / Storage Licence

Refrigerated Food Storage Licence

Nuts / Coconuts Processing Licence

Salted Eggs Making Licence

Animal Skin Processing Licence

Noodles (Mee) Processing Licence

Sea Produce Snack Food Processing Licence

Fish Satay Making Licence

Food Colouring / Favouring and Preservative Making / Selling Licence

Cooking Oil Canning Licence

Drinking Water Processing Licence

Restaurant (Air-Conditioned / Non-Air-Conditioned) Licence

Food Provider Licence

Pastry Shop Licence

Bakery Shop Licence

Grocery Shop Licence

Fruit Shop Licence

Vegetable Shop Licence

Sweets / ice-Cream / Snacks Selling Licence

Medicine Shop Licence

Pharmacy Licence

Cofee Shop Lience

School Canteen / Canteen Licence

Beef / Mutton / Chicken Shop Licence

Pork Shop Licence

Tapioca Drying Licence

In-Premise Stall Licence

Food Packing Licence

Soft Drinks Distributor Licence

Preparing / Making Fruit Pickles Licence

Rotten Fish Storage Licence

Example of other Business Licences

Lodging House Licences

Lodging House Licence

Massage Parlour Licences

Massage Parlour Licence

Massage Parlour (Reflexology) Licence

Massage Parlour (Spa) Licence

Sauna Licence

Temporary Building-Related Licence

Violation of Conditions Business Building Licence

Advertisement Licences

Sign Board (Billboard) Licence

Signboards Licence

Notice Board Licence

Hawker Licences

Private Market Licence

Supermarket Licence

Mini Market Licence

Swimming Pool Control and Supervision Licences

Swimming Pool Licence

Private Parking Licences

Parking Licence

Roadside Shall Licence

Roadside Stall / Market Table (council-owned only) Licence

Barber and Hair Saloon Licences

Barbershop Licence

Hair Saloon Licence

Makeup Saloon Licence