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SSM MSIC Code stands for Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification (MSIC). It's a system in Malaysia that categorizes businesses based on their economic activities.

Here's some key information about SSM MSIC Codes:

  • Purpose: Helps identify the industry a business belongs to for registration and regulatory purposes.

  • Version: The current version is MSIC 2008, based on the International Standard of Industrial Classification (ISIC) Revision 4.

  • Lookup: You can find the relevant MSIC code for your business using the official MSIC search engine system (

Represent the Business Nature and Activity

SSM MSIC Codes represent the business nature and activity of a company.

Here's a deeper look at how they achieve this:

  • Specificity: Each MSIC code is a unique 5-digit number assigned to a specific type of business activity. For example, code 47214 represents "Retail sale of meat and meat products (including poultry)," while 58211 represents "Publishing of newspapers."

  • Hierarchical Structure: MSIC codes are organized in a hierarchical structure, with broader categories at the beginning and more specific subcategories further along. This allows for a detailed classification of business activities.

  • Industry Coverage: MSIC codes encompass a wide range of industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to information technology and professional services.

By choosing the appropriate MSIC code, you're essentially providing a concise and standardized way to communicate the core nature of what your business does. This benefits both the company and the government:

  • Company Benefits: Choosing the right code ensures you're registered under the appropriate regulations and tax regime for your industry.

  • Government Benefits: MSIC codes help government agencies efficiently categorize businesses for regulatory purposes, track economic activity in different sectors, and develop industry-specific policies.

For more details, you can refer to the SSM website on MSIC Codes:

How Bestar can Help

Bestar focuses on company incorporation. Here's how Bestar can help with incorporating a company in Malaysia:

  • Registration Process: Bestar offers company registration services in Malaysia, aiming to be a fast and cost-effective option. We handle tasks, including:

  • Company name availability check.

  • Preparing and submitting incorporation documents.

  • Securing a registered office address (if required).

  • Appointing a company secretary (if needed).

  • Competitive Rates:  We offer competitive pricing for company registration packages in Malaysia.

  • Free Services:  We offer free services like company secretarial services for a year with our registration packages.

  • Nominee Director Services:  Bestar provide nominee director services for an additional fee. This service can be helpful for foreigners incorporating a company in Malaysia.

Here's a breakdown of the benefits of using Bestar for company incorporation in Malaysia:

  • Convenience: Saves you time and effort by handling the registration process.

  • Expertise: We have experience with Malaysian company registration, ensuring a smooth process.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our packages might be competitive compared to handling it yourself.

  • Additional Services: Free company secretary services and nominee director options can add value.

Bestar's services are the best fit for incorporating your company in Malaysia.

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