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Malaysia: Buying Shares Personally vs. Company

Updated: 15 hours ago

Malaysia: Buying Shares Personally vs. Company | Bestar
Malaysia: Buying Shares Personally vs. Company | Bestar

Malaysia: Buying Shares Personally vs. Company

In Malaysia, there are two main options for buying shares: under your personal name or through a company (usually a Sdn. Bhd. or Sendirian Berhad). Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons for each:

Buying Shares Under Your Personal Name


  • Simpler and cheaper: No need to set up and maintain a company, saving on registration fees and annual filings.

  • Straightforward ownership: Shares are directly registered to you, making selling or transferring them easier.


  • No asset protection: Your personal assets are not shielded from liabilities related to the shares.

  • Limited ownership structure: Difficult to involve multiple investors or manage complex ownership structures.

  • Less tax flexibility compared to a company structure.

Buying Shares Through a Company


  • Potentially better tax benefits, especially for larger investments: Companies have a flat corporate tax rate, which can be lower than the highest personal income tax bracket.

  • Asset protection: The company's assets are separate from your personal assets, offering some liability protection.

  • Easier to manage complex ownership structures with multiple investors: Allows for multiple shareholders and facilitates complex ownership arrangements.


  • More complex and expensive: Setting up and maintaining a company involves costs and administrative burdens.

  • Less transparent: Ownership structure can be more complex, requiring proper record-keeping.

  • Potential tax implications on transfer: Selling shares in the company might trigger Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) depending on the type of shares.

Choosing the Right Option

The best option for you depends on your specific circumstances. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For small, personal investments: Buying under your personal name is likely simpler and cheaper.

  • For larger investments or tax benefits: Consider a company structure, especially if you have multiple investors or want to optimize taxes.

  • For complex ownership structures: A company allows for more flexibility in ownership arrangements.

Consulting a Professional

It's important to consult with a Malaysian tax advisor or lawyer before deciding on the best structure for buying shares. They can help you understand the legal and tax implications specific to your situation.

How Bestar MY can Help

Malaysia: Buying Shares Personally vs. Company

The decision of buying shares personally or through a company in Malaysia depends on your investment goals and situation. Here's a breakdown of how we can help:

Bestar MY's Role

Bestar MY can help you navigate this decision by considering your specific circumstances. We can:

  • Analyze your investment goals and risk tolerance.

  • Explain the tax implications of each option.

  • Guide you through the company setup process (if applicable).

In Conclusion

For smaller, personal investments in Malaysia, buying shares under your name might be simpler. But, for larger investments or if you seek tax benefits and have complex ownership structures, a company structure could be more suitable. Bestar MY can help you decide which approach is best for you.

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