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Hotel Licensing in Malaysia

Definition of Hotels

Any building, either permanent or temporary, held out by the proprietor, owner or manager, either wholly or partly, as offering lodging or sleeping accommodation to tourists for hire or any other form of reward, whether or not food or drink is also offered.

Terms of Application

a) Applicant shall:

i. register under Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM); or

ii. register under Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission of Malaysia (SKM) if it is a Co-operative; or

iii. submit Confirmation Certificate of Ownership if applicant is Local Authority (PBT) / Government Agency.

b) Premises shall have Accommodation Premises Business Licence from PBT. Only application for permanent licence will be processed; and

c) Applicant shall offer lodging accommodation or beds and other structures either permanent or temporary to tourists for accommodation purposes.

Required Documents

a) Applicant shall provide copies of documents below:

i. A copy of the latest SSM e-Info (Purchase of SSM e-Info through SPIP system); or

ii. Co-operative Registration Certificate under SKM; or

iii. Confirmation Certificate of Ownership shall be submitted if applicant is from PBT / Government Agency.

b) A copy of Accommodation Premises Business Licence from PBT; and

c) Other documents required by the Tourism Commissioner for the purpose of processing registration application from time to time.

A copy of document that is submitted shall be certified by Government Servant from Management Team and Grade 41 Professional and above (other than MOTAC officers) OR Head Village / Chief OR Oath Commissioner.

Application Procedures

a) Complete application information on Tourism Industry Licensing System (SPIP) through

b) All documents as stated in para 2 shall be uploaded to SPIP.

Registration Certificate will only be issued after the application is approved.

Certificate is printed on the premises name and address as in its business licence. (The use of premises name using the words ‘travel, ‘tourism’, ‘tour’ or ‘tour operator’ and equivalent as set in Section 13: Act 482 are prohibited).

Approval Time for Registration Application

a) MOTAC State Office level: Seven (7) working days when an application is received from applicant and submitted to the Headquarter.

b) MOTAC Headquarter Putrajaya level: Registration Certificate will be issued within the period of 7 working days after the application is received from the MOTAC State Office.

Payable Fees

RM20 for processing fee and RM50 for registration fee (payment is after approval)

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