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Corporate Secretarial Services

What is company secretary Malaysia?

Being the company secretary appointed by your company means she is responsible for ensuring that Malaysian laws and regulations are always complied with. If you have any questions about your company's legal compliance, you should be able to discuss them.

What is the meaning of corporate secretary?

In any organization, the responsibilities of a company secretary include ensuring the integrity of the governance framework, responsibility for effective company management, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and regulations, and implementing board decisions.

What are secretarial services?

A secretarial service act as an advisor and employee, which leads to cost savings as it serves as a mentor to help companies pass legal requirements and compliance easily. The company secretary not only has to be good with legality, but also has a lot of knowledge in improving the efficiency of the company.

Our annual service includes:

- appointment of a secretary

- maintenance of statutory registers


- filing of Annual Returns

Contact us today for company secretarial services package.

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