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Business Wanted Malaysia - Logistics Company

Updated: Jun 3

Business to Buy Malaysia - Logistics Company | Bestar

Logistics Investment Target in Malaysia

Business Wanted Malaysia - Logistics Company

Our client is looking for a logistics company in Singapore and Malaysia that offers a comprehensive suite of services. Here's a breakdown of their requirements to help identify potential target companies:

Target Sector: Logistics

Business Description:

  • Trucking (long distance, including cross-border transportation): A need for a company with a strong transportation network across Singapore and Malaysia. They should be able to handle full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) shipments efficiently.

  • Delivery: A company with experience in last-mile delivery services in both Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Warehousing (room temperature, chilled and frozen): A need for a company with various warehousing facilities to cater to different storage requirements.

  • Forwarding, customs service (in Singapore): The company should have expertise in handling customs clearance for international shipments moving through Singapore.

  • Port services (in Singapore): Since their target includes port services in Singapore, a company with a presence in Singapore's ports to facilitate sea freight movements.

Target Country: Singapore, Malaysia

Transaction Type: Majority

Considering these requirements, here are some potential target logistics companies in Singapore and Malaysia:

  • Regional Players:

  • YCH Group (Singapore)

  • Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong)

  • CWT Limited (Singapore)

  • Pacific International Lines (PIL) (Singapore)

  • APL Logistics (Singapore)

These companies have a strong presence in Southeast Asia and can provide comprehensive logistics solutions across Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Local Players:

  • Hock Cheong (Malaysia)

  • (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand)

  • Halcon Primo Logistics (Singapore)

These companies may offer more competitive rates and specialize in cross-border trucking between Singapore and Malaysia.

Additional Tips:

  • When evaluating potential targets, we consider factors like the company's financial performance, track record, customer service reputation, and technological capabilities.

  • It's also important whether the company's culture aligns with their investment goals.

By considering these factors, we can shortlist potential target companies that meet their buy-side needs in the Singapore and Malaysia logistics sector.

How Gold House M&A can Help

Business Wanted Malaysia - Logistics Company

Gold House M&A, a division of Bestar, can be a valuable partner. Gold House M&A, being a division focused on M&A, would assist with selling a company. Our understanding of the M&A process can be valuable if you're considering selling your Singapore or Malaysia-based logistics company.

Here's how our M&A expertise can specifically benefit you:

Benefits of Gold House M&A's Expertise:

  • Market Insights:  Through our involvement in buy-side M&A, Gold House M&A has deep knowledge of the current logistics market in Southeast Asia.

  • Market valuations: Our experience can help you understand the valuations acquirers are placing on similar logistics companies in the region.

  • Preparation for Acquisition:  Gold House M&A can advise you on how to prepare your logistics company for an acquisition. This might involve:

    • Financial readiness: Ensuring your financials are well-organized and accurately reflect your company's value.

    • Due diligence preparation:  Having necessary documents and information readily available to streamline the due diligence process for potential buyers.

Target Identification and Deal Sourcing:

  • Targeted Search:  We can conduct a targeted search using our network and resources to find companies that meet your specific requirements within the Singapore and Malaysia logistics sector. This saves you time and effort in scouring the market yourself.

Transaction Expertise:

  • Deal Structuring:  Our team of M&A specialists can guide you through structuring a complex acquisition deal. 

Selling Your Logistics Company:

Gold House specializes in representing companies looking to sell themselves. We can handle the entire sales process, from identifying potential buyers to negotiating the deal.

By understanding Gold House M&A's expertise and exploring alternative solutions, you can make an informed decision on the best approach to selling your Singapore or Malaysia-based logistics company.

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