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Applying Business Licence

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It is very important to get a business license because it will clarify your reputation as a trader (online or offline) after registration.

Obtaining a valid business license is important to do business in Malaysia. This includes licensing, registration, permits and approvals. Business licenses can be applied from the licensing authority Pihak Berkuasa Melesen (PBM) related to the location and business activities. Before a company can legally start a business, it must comply with some form of licensing. This can be a general license, an industry / sector-specific license, or an activity-specific license. Business licenses are regulated by law and are governed by various government agencies, statutory bodies and local authorities. Business licenses include registrations, approvals, licenses, and permits. Compliance requirements vary by industry, business activity, and location.

Business licenses can be divided into three different logical groups:

1. General licenses

2. Industry sector-specific licenses

3. Activity-specific licenses

Let’s get started. Answer the following questions to know the licenses related to your business.

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