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Digital Nomads Malaysia

DE Rantau Nomad Pass for qualified Foreign Digital Nomads

Work, Live & Travel

Malaysia welcomes digital professionals from all over the world to join the DE Rantau programme.

MDEC facilitates your stay in Malaysia via a digital nomad pass, nomad-ready hubs and specially curated services and facilities to ease your stay for productive and memorable nomad experience around the country. Get access to DE Rantau programme and enjoy all the benefits for digital nomads coming to Malaysia!

What is DE Rantau?

The DE Rantau programme aims at establishing Malaysia as the preferred digital nomad hub in ASEAN while boosting digital adoption and promoting digital professional mobility and tourism across the country.

The DE Rantau programme will benefit both local talents and foreign nomads via the creation of a vibrant ecosystem that supports digital nomads. Digital nomads can travel and work remotely across various locations in Malaysia, while having access to stable broadband connectivity and various other facilities and services that support the nomadic lifestyle.

Exclusive pass for inbound digital nomad which eliminates the limitations of a normal tourist pass, so you are free to roam and enjoy your stay while focusing what matters most – be it your work, contents for your channels, places to explore and foods to try, and all else that could be offered here – its aplenty!

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia offers a quality lifestyle for a fraction of what you would pay in the US and Europe

- Plenty of places to work outside of the home and co-working spaces. - Multicultural country, and many of its people speak English. - Secure, safe and low crime rate.

Here is a quick list to check your eligibility:

Type of Digital Nomad:

  • Digital freelancer, independent contractor

  • Remote worker (full and part-time) i.e. employee of a company but not required to physically be in the office

Domain of Profession:

IT (all types - software dev, UX, UI, cloud, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI, machine learning, data-related etc.), digital marketing, digital creative content, digital content development (All digital domain related work)

Proof of Work:

  • Digital Freelancer / Independent Contractor:

    • Active project contract

    • Contract duration > 3 months, can be multiple contracts

    • Clientele can be both local & foreign companies

  • Remote Worker:

    • Active employment contract

    • Contract duration > 3 months

    • Employer is foreign/ non-Malaysian based companies

Annual Income:

>USD24,000 per year

Type of Pass:

Professional Visit Pass (Pas Lawatan Ikhtisas PLIK)


  • Stay from 3 up to 12 months

  • Pass renewable for up to additional 12 months

  • Able to bring in spouse & child/children


  • MYR1,000.00 (main)

  • MYR500.00 (dependant)

Register now

Let's plan your journey ahead. Discover Work From Malaysia Opportunities With DE Rantau.

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