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Business Broker vs M&A

Business Broker vs M&A

Both business brokers and M&A advisors help with business transactions in Malaysia, but they cater to different situations. Here's a breakdown to help you decide which is right for you:

Business Brokers:

  • Ideal for smaller businesses, typically with valuations under RM50 million.

  • Focus on a more transactional approach, aiming to find a buyer quickly.

  • Have a localized scope, working with buyers in their region.

  • Charge a commission based on the sale price of the business.

  • Offer basic marketing materials for the business.

M&A Advisors:

  • Handle larger, more complex transactions, often for businesses valued above RM50 million.

  • Take a strategic approach, considering long-term value and finding the best possible fit for the business.

  • Have a national or international reach, connecting with a wider pool of buyers.

  • Offer a broader range of services including valuation, due diligence, and negotiation support.

  • Charge fixed fees or a combination of fees and success bonuses.

Here are some resources to help you find business brokers or M&A advisors in Malaysia:

  • Malaysia Business Brokerage Association (MBBA): You can find a directory of member brokers on their website (assuming they have one).

  • Online Marketplaces: Platforms like Business Broking Solutions list businesses for sale and connect buyers and sellers.

  • Investment Banks: Many investment banks in Malaysia have M&A advisory departments.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on the size and complexity of your business, your goals for the transaction, and your budget.

How Bestar can Help

Business Broker vs M&A

Bestar offers services that cover both business brokerage and M&A in Malaysia:

  • Transaction experience: We have experience in buying and selling businesses, which aligns with business brokerage.

  • M&A advisory services: We offer M&A services, including deal advisory, strategic fit assessment, acquisition guidance, and integration planning.

Here's a breakdown of how Bestar can help with both:

Business Brokerage:

  • Bestar is suitable for mid-sized businesses in Malaysia, considering our focus on value creation throughout the M&A lifecycle.

  • We have experience valuing businesses and navigating the selling process.


  • Our team of M&A specialists can assist with complex transactions, including strategic planning, due diligence, and deal negotiation for both buyers and sellers.

To get a clearer understanding of how Bestar can specifically help with your business brokerage or M&A needs, contact us. We can assess your situation and tailor our services accordingly.

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